Our leather travel accessories are the perfect purchase for anyone who loves to travel in style and aspires to live a luxurious lifestyle in all aspects of their life.

In our catalogue of luxury leather travel accessories we have a vast array of leather gifts on offer that serve as the perfect compliment to our leather travel goods. Keep organised while on your travels with a leather travel card holder or a leather tidy tray. Our leather travel photo frames also make a great gift for a loved one to remember you by while they are away on business. All of our leather travel accessories come with free delivery and are presented in a stylishly elegant gift box.

Travel In Style With A Leather Tidy Tray

A leather tidy tray is the ultimate in luxurious travelling accessories. Do you ever find yourself staying overnight in a hotel and as you get in after a long day you just chuck everything out of your pockets onto the first thing that you can find? Maybe it's your bed or a bedside table for example. Then you get up the next morning and something's vanished. You can't find your keys or one of your cufflinks has gone walkabout. You spend time searching up and down the room, time that you don't have because you've got an important meeting to get to or a flight to catch. You're frantically searching for what you've lost which is causing you to panic which gets you sweating which undoes all of your grooming work that you went through beforehand. Does that sound like something that gives you nightmares just thinking about it? If so then a leather tidy tray is the perfect luxury travel accessory for you to invest in.

A leather tidy tray, or as they're sometimes also referred to as, a leather trinket tray, are a great way for you to stay organised while away from home. Thanks to their dynamic designs, our leather tidy tray will conveniently fold up into your leather travel bags, making them easy for you to carry around with you while taking up a minimalist amount of space inside your bags. Then as you arrive at your hotel, simply unpack your leather tidy tray and unfold it and then you have a trinket tray that you can just throw your keys and change into without worrying about them falling off down the back of a bed or a table.

Leather Travel Accessories: The Perfect Gift

Leather travel accessories such as a leather tidy tray or a leather travel photo frame make for amazing gifts to give to a loved one to assist them on their travels. A leather travel photo frame for instance can be a unique but special present that serves as a heartwarming reminder of you when a husband, wife or child for instance are away travelling. Or maybe if you know someone who is a bit of an artist and likes to draw while on a long flight abroad, then our leather pencil case is a great present to make them the envy of any onlooking passengers. Thanks to our complimentary gift box that comes with all of our luxury leather travel accessories, the presentation of our gifts will be just as elegant as the gift itself.

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  1. Ledertablett im quadratischen Format als praktisches Vide-poche
  2. Leather coin tray in Malvern
    Leather Trinket tray in Malvern
    As low as €100.00
  3. Leather Pencil case
    Stifteetui rund aus Richmond Leder
    BurgundRotGrünSchiefergrauKakaoSaphirAztec YellowJaipur PinkIndigo BlauOlivgrün
    As low as €80.00
  4. Leather travel card holder in Malvern
    Leather Travel Card Holder in Malvern
    As low as €50.00
  5. Leather CD case Oxford
    Leather CD case in Oxford
    As low as €100.00
  6. Leather double photo frame Salisbury
    Double 7" x 5" Photo Frame in Salisbury Leather
    SchwarzPflaumeKastanieCamelRubyDusky Pink
    As low as €95.00
  7. Leather triple photo frame in Malvern
    Leather Triple 6" x 4" Picture Frame in Malvern
    As low as €155.00
  8. Leather triple photo frame in Malvern
    Leather Triple Photo Frame 4" x 3" in Malvern
    As low as €90.00
  9. Travel photo frame in Oak Grain leather
    Travel 6" x 4" Photo Frame in Oak Grain Leather
    As low as €80.00

Enjoy Complimentary Standard UK Delivery On All Orders

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