Explore our complete collection of women's luxury leather goods, from classic handbags and backpacks to designer purses and accessories

  1. Britannia leather zip around wallet
    Britannia leather zip wallet
    From €120.00
  2. Leather small purse in Malvern
    Malvern Leather Compact Purse
    From €110.00
  3. Leather zip around purse in Britannia
    Britannia leather zip purse
    From €80.00
  4. Oak Grain leather slim clutch wallet
    Oak Grain Leather Slim Clutch Wallet
    From €125.00
  5. Oak Grain leather french purse
    Oak Grain Leather French purse
    From €100.00
  6. Malvern leather zip purse
    Malvern Leather Zip Purse
    From €130.00
  7. Malvern leather clutch wallet open
    Malvern Leather Clutch Wallet
    From €120.00
  8. Leather purse in Malvern
    Malvern Leather Purse
    From €115.00
  9. Richmond leather passport wallet open
    Richmond Leather Passport Wallet
    RedSlate GreyMidnightCocoaSapphireJaipur Pink
    From €100.00
  10. Richmond leather executive briefcase side
    Richmond Leather Double Handle Briefcase
    RedSlate GreyMidnightCocoa
    From €720.00
  11. Richmond leather continental wallet
    Richmond Leather Continental Wallet
    CocoaPetrolSapphireAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    From €225.00
  12. Richmond leather phone wallet
    Richmond Leather Phone Wallet
    Slate GreyMidnightCocoaSapphire
    From €125.00
  13. Richmond leather long wallet with zip pocket
    Richmond Leather Long Wallet with Zip Pocket
    BurgundySlate GreyMidnightCocoaIndigo BlueOlive Green
    From €195.00
  14. Richmond leather zip wallet
    Richmond Leather Zip Wallet
    CocoaPetrolSapphireAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    From €215.00
  15. Richmond leather Poppy backpack
    Richmond Leather Poppy Mini Backpack
    RedGreenCocoaPetrolSapphireAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    From €300.00
  16. Richmond leather Lilly backpack
    Richmond Leather Lilly Laptop Backpack
    Slate GreyPetrolAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    From €520.00
  17. Richmond leather Little Molly sling backpack
    Richmond Leather Little Molly Sling Backpack
    GreenPetrolSapphireJaipur Pink
    From €520.00
  18. Richmond leather Molly tote backpack
    Richmond Leather Molly Tote Backpack
    GreenSlate GreyPetrolJaipur Pink
    From €630.00
  19. Sophie leather saddle bag in Richmond
    Richmond Leather Sophie Saddle Bag
    GreenSlate GreyMidnightCocoa
    From €650.00
  20. Richmond leather travel wallet organiser open
    Richmond Leather Travel Wallet Organiser
    BurgundyRedSlate GreyCocoaIndigo BlueOlive Green
    From €250.00