Women Card Holders

Introducing David Hampton's exquisite collection of women's leather card holders. Our leather card holder women's collection is a fusion of elegance and functionality. Our range embodies diversity in style, texture, and design, offering an array of options to suit every taste and need. From sleek Richmond Slim Card Holders to chic Blue Nile Croco Leather Travel Holders, each women's leather card holder in our collection is meticulously crafted to balance sophistication with practicality.

Whether it's the convenience of a Malvern Leather Zipped Card Holder or the compact elegance of the Black Saffiano Leather Slim Card Holder, our collection caters to various preferences. Crafted from premium materials, including Richmond and Britannia leather, these card holders represent a perfect blend of durability, style, and timeless appeal.

With options designed for travel, daily use, or compact organisation, our women's leather card holders serve as a testament to the brand's commitment to quality craftsmanship and versatile design. Explore our range, where luxury meets functionality, ensuring that every card holder is not just an accessory but a statement of refined taste and enduring sophistication.

The David Hampton leather card holder womens collection includes:

Richmond Slim Card Holder: A sleek and practical card holder crafted in Richmond leather, offering style and convenience for everyday use.
Blue Nile Croco Leather Travel Card Holder: A chic crocodile-textured card holder designed for travel, blending elegance with functionality.

Malvern Leather Zipped Card Holder: Featuring a zip closure for added security, this Malvern leather card holder combines sophistication with practicality.
Richmond Leather Slim 6 Card Holder: A compact yet spacious card holder designed to hold up to six cards, crafted in Richmond textured croc finish, ideal for those on the go, balancing style and practicality seamlessly.
Black Saffiano Leather Travel Card Holder: Offering elegance and durability, this Saffiano leather card holder is perfect for travel, ensuring sophistication with longevity.
Leather Travel Card Holder in Britannia: An affordable option in Britannia leather, this holder embodies simplicity and functionality for everyday use.
Malvern Leather Slim Card Holder: A sleek and minimalist card holder from the Malvern collection, offering a balance of style and compact design.
Green Label Luxury Leather Slim 6 Card Holder: A premium quality card holder with space for six cards, showcasing luxurious leather and design.
Leather Accordion Card Case in Britannia: This Britannia leather case features an accordion-style design for optimal organisation and elegance.
Black Saffiano Leather Slim Card Holder: Combining sophistication and practicality, this slim Saffiano leather card holder is a refined accessory for daily use.

David Hampton's range of women's leather card holders offers an array of styles, textures, and functionalities, providing options to suit diverse tastes and needs while maintaining the brand's commitment to quality and elegance.

David Hampton women’s leather card holder: a lifestyle investment


Investing in a David Hampton women's leather card holder goes beyond the ordinary and is a commitment to both style and practicality. These leather card holders represent a blend of enduring quality and timeless sophistication, making them an excellent investment.


When it comes to our card holders, durability is key. Crafted from premium leather, such as Richmond and Crocodile-textured finishes, these card holders promise longevity, ensuring they withstand daily use without compromising elegance. 


Versatility is also what sets our card holder apart.From travel-friendly designs to slim and compact options, each holder adapts seamlessly to diverse needs and occasions, ensuring convenience without compromising on style.

The women’s leather card holders by David Hampton are designed for both luxury and functionality. They not only safeguard your cards but also make a statement and are a subtle reflection of refined taste and sophistication. Beyond their immediate use, these holders serve as enduring accessories that withstand evolving trends, maintaining their elegance throughout time. 

An investment in a David Hampton women's leather card holder ensures not just a functional accessory but a piece of enduring luxury, promising both utility and refined style for years to come.

Discovering David Hampton

At David Hampton, our ethos revolves around curating a diverse collection of luxurious leather accessories that epitomise sophistication and functionality. From the opulence of clutch wallets to the practicality of coin and zip wallets, our range caters to varied needs and tastes, reflecting a perfect blend of style and use.


Our collection extends beyond wallets, embracing an assortment of bags designed to complement every lifestyle. Whether it's the elegance of tote bags or the versatility of backpacks, each piece is meticulously crafted with premium materials to ensure enduring quality and timeless appeal.


Discover our meticulously curated collection where every piece embodies the essence of enduring luxury, promising both functionality and sophistication in every accessory.

  1. Richmond slim card holder
    Richmond Leather Slim Card Holder
    RedSlate GreyMidnightCocoa
    As low as $80.00
  2. Malvern leather zipped card holder open
    Malvern Leather Zipped Card Holder
    As low as $80.00
  3. Leather slim card holder in Richmond
    Richmond Leather Slim Six Card Holder
    RedGreenSlate GreyMidnightCocoaSapphireAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    As low as $95.00
  4. Leather travel card holder in Britannia
    Britannia Leather Travel Card Holder
    As low as $45.00
  5. Malvern leather slim card holder
    Malvern Leather Slim Card Holder
    As low as $55.00
  6. Green label luxury leather slim 6 card holder top
  7. Malvern leather travel card holder open
    Malvern Leather Travel Card Holder
    As low as $55.00
  8. Leather accordion card case Britannia
    Britannia leather accordion card case
    As low as $65.00
  9. Richmond leather travel card holder open
    Richmond Leather Travel Card Holder
    RedGreenSlate GreyMidnightCocoaSapphireAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    As low as $80.00
  10.  Green Label luxury leather travel card holder open
  11. Malvern leather gusseted card case open
  12. Oxford Leather business card file open
    Oxford Leather Business Card File
    As low as $120.00