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A leather sling bag is an ever popular choice for any woman who needs a luxury leather bag which will allow them to keep in tact their luxury aura while also allowing them to practically accommodate all of the items that they need to travel around with.

With a leather sling bag by David Hampton you can effortlessly pull off an elegant class of style while also keeping all of your items snuggly secure and easy to access. Using only the finest quality leather, our luxury leather sling bags are designed to remain looking great year after year. Boasting a variety of features such as zipped side pockets, adjustable shoulder straps and an eclectic mix of colours to choose from for your leather sling bag, our luxury leather sling bags effortlessly fuse fashionable designs with efficient practicality.

A Leather Sling Bag For All Uses

Whether you are looking for a leather sling bag for either a social or professional context, our collection of luxury leather sling bags aspire to accommodate a wide array of tastes and uses. In an age where far more women are getting their just dues in the business world also comes a growing need for successful business women to adapt their selection of bags to fittingly suit. Walk into work or a business meeting with potential clients and watch on as heads turn catching a glimpse of your empowering outfit, perfectly topped off by your elegant leather sling bag. Look the part with your luxury leather sling bag in a choice of colours that can seamlessly match up with your business suit and ooze style and class while smoothly pulling off an aura of wealth and success in the workplace.

Our luxury leather sling bags will also look great in a more social setting, whether it be for a fun day around the shops or over your shoulder on a dinner date. Choose from a range of colours at either end of the spectrum from an eye catching green to a more understated midnight blue to find a leather sling bag that goes best with either your outfit or your personal styling tastes.

Luxury Leather Sling Bags

Our luxury leather sling bags are manufactured with the finest top grain eco-friendly leathers in elegant and classy designs, all of which are finished with a discreetly embossed David Hampton logo. Our premium quality leather on our luxury leather sling bags are as robust and durable as they are stylish. Sling bags will naturally be thrown around a fair bit meaning that it is important when choosing which leather sling bag to purchase that you consider the quality of the leather that you are buying. It is definitely worth investing a little more in a sling bag with a finer cut of leather as even though it may cost a little more when you buy it, that investment will pay off in the long run as you will enjoy a longer life span out of your leather sling bag.

Alternatively, if you prefer a different style of handbag to our leather sling bags, then check out our complete collection of designer leather handbags.

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    Richmond Leather Sling Bag
    Slate GreyMidnightCocoa
    As low as $350.00