Gift Guide - Best Valet Trays for Your Home and Office

August 11, 2020 72 view(s)
Gift Guide - Best Valet Trays for Your Home and Office

Being organized is at the heart of the modern man’s day-to-day activity. There’s just no shying away from being orderly, at least to some extent, unless you want your day to happen haphazardly.

A valet tray may be small, but it is one of those details that can make a huge difference as far as de-cluttering your home and office are concerned. Equally, it is a valuable tool for making your day more efficient while giving your workstation and living space an extra chic flair.

Valet trays come in a wide range of colourful designs crafted from different materials. However, regardless of design and material, the goal is to keep you more organized.

Valet Trays Are Important Gift Items: Here’s Why

Whether you are buying a valet tray for someone special or yourself (indeed, everyone needs it!), the fact remains that it is an indispensable tool for anyone who wants their daily activities to bear some semblance of sanity.

It Saves Time

Gifting something as simple as a small EDC catchall may seem inconsequential, but that seemingly petty act can significantly simplify the receiver’s life. They don’t have to struggle to remember where commonly used small items are kept.

Of course, if you always empty the content of your pock into one container, then you don’t have to spend several minutes looking for your keys, smartphone, wristwatch, or other EDC essentials. You could even keep a few trinkets in there too, although a small trinket box or cufflink box will be more appropriate.

The point is, when you add up all the minutes that are repeatedly spent on searching for items on a daily basis, you will be surprised by the number of hours that are wasted daily on everyday carry essentials – time that would have been judiciously used for more important things.

It De-clutters Your Space and Mind

Equally important is the elegance it adds to your space, and this is not about being classy or not. There is nothing attractive (or even remotely appealing) about a cluttered space, whether at work or home.

Many people only think of clutter as huge piles of paper scattered all over an office desk, or a bunch of tangled cords littering the floor of the living room. But if it is difficult for you to quickly find an item you use almost daily, it goes to show how cluttered your space and mind is, whether or not your desk is devoid of physical paper!

Here’s the single most important reason this trusty catchall is truly valuable: it de-clutters your mind! All your essentials are in one place, which means you don’t have to think about finding them.

Having everything in one spot eliminates the frustrating but all-too-familiar phrase, “Where are my keys?” or whatever items you’re always looking for. You reach out your hand and pick them up without wasting precious time.

Buying Considerations

There is no shortage of these small useful trays in the market. However, not all of them are created equal. And it is important to quickly point out that a high price point isn’t the most important consideration when buying a valet tray. You can find good quality trays at a bargain that will outlive some of the pricey options.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when buying a tray as a gift for someone or yourself.


The most common types of valet trays are made out of wood, concrete, or leather materials. All of these materials are great, but leather has more pros than wood and concrete.

Leather is durable, soft, and can withstand wear and tear, making it an excellent choice of material. Besides, it doesn’t get easily damaged from spills, and there’s no fear of breakage even if it gets knocked over.

The surface of a wooden tray can get scratched easily and deface your once-elegant tray. And although concrete is sturdy, its greatest disadvantage is that it can break easily. You don’t want to spend so buying an item that can end up shattered because someone was careless enough to knock it off your desk or lampstand.


Simplicity is crucial when it comes to choosing the perfect valet tray. You want to avoid elaborate and complex designs that are likely to detract from the tray’s purpose. Keep in mind that these catchalls are supposed to make life a little bit easier and not more complex.

A simple open tray is always better than a compartmentalized tray with several layers or shelves. No doubt, you’ll have more room in a multi-layered tray, but going through each layer to find a small item can reduce your efficiency. Over is equally stealing from your time.


Hold on a bit! What other use should a valet tray have besides holding small everyday carry? Well, for many people, a versatile tray means it should be able to do more than hold EDC essentials.

For example, there sophisticated trays that also serve as charging stations. All that is well and good, however, when there’s a fault with the other components, chances are, the once-sophisticated tray loses suddenly loses its “value” and becomes, well, just a tray. That’s because most people who buy trays for their numerous functionalities are somehow quick to forget the original purpose of the tray and focus only on its secondary use.

In a nutshell, choosing a versatile tray is okay but don’t get carried away but its multiple functions. As a matter of fact, it is better to be wary of products with too many functions, as damage to one part may affect the whole. You want to choose a valet tray that won’t make you get into fits of frenzy or some other emotional roller coaster just because you or someone spilt water on it.

Again, our candid recommendation for these cute little trays is to choose simplicity over complexity. After all, the best valet trays aren’t so complicated.

The Best Leather Valet Trays

Leather trays may not come in shelf-like designs or any other fanciful build, but as we’ve seen, they are the safest and most durable option. Therefore, it makes sense to pick the best EDC trays from this category. 

Whether you consider yourself a highly sophisticated and polished person, or someone who’s slightly rugged and a bit carefree, you’ll find a valet tray that works for you. However, we’ve selected the finest, simplest, and most versatile options that could suit just about any gentleman who is finding ways to be more organized. Additionally, these trays can be used both at home and in the office.

Here is a small list of the very best leather valet trays for every gentleman out there. They’ll save you the headache of scattering your pocket change all over the place and misplacing your keys, wallet, and other frequently used items.

Malvern Leather Coin Tray

Agreed, the name says, “coin tray,” but this is more than just a fanciful dish for collecting pennies, nickels, and dimes. If your pocket change, keys, trinkets, rings, and other EDC could speak, they’ll be pleading to catch some rest in this beautifully handmade Malvern leather coin tray.

Its compact build makes it fit perfectly into your hand luggage without taking up much space – something many frequent travellers will greatly appreciate. And to make things a lot simpler and more convenient, the leather coin tray is supplied in a dust sleeve and gift box.

Now your pocket change and daily-use items have a place they can truly call home! But most importantly, you have to only look in one location to find what you are looking for.

Malvern Leather Valet Tray

This tray features durable chrome-free leather and a soft and black kid suede lining, making it suitable for holding and protecting the surfaces of your items. The elegant yet simple Malvern Leather Valet Tray is designed to fold flat for easy packing. And when it is time to use the tray, each of its four corners comes together in a literal snap for immediate use.

You don’t have to worry about packing this tray as it comes in a dust sleeve and gift box. It is perfect for home and office use. And it is a considerate gift for someone who is always on the road as it reduces the stress that comes from searching endlessly for hotel room keys, business cards, and other valuable but small items.

Serengeti Croc Leather Valet Tray

This tray combines a collapsible design, suede lining, and high-quality leather into one beautifully handcrafted receptacle for your EDC essentials.

The Serengeti Croc Leather Valet Tray is lined in red leather, giving it an exquisite look and making it an excellent addition to your home and office. It is wide enough to hold a variety of frequently used items, including mobile phones, keys, and many more.

Like other trays on our list, this beautiful tray comes in a dust sleeve and gift box, making it an excellent travel accessory as well as a fitting gift item for busy persons.