Gift Guide – The Best Watch Box for Women

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April 24, 2021 93 view(s)
Gift Guide – The Best Watch Box for Women

A thoughtful gift can get you into a woman’s good books – whether she is your significant other, sister, mother, friend, or boss. The fairer sex seems to appreciate even the smallest gifts, but most people hardly think outside the box when looking for the appropriate gift for women.

It is okay to buy earrings, necklaces, women purses, bracelets, women's handbags, and other common gift items for women. But no gentleman wants to be seen as just “okay.” To be classified differently, it is best to give a woman something that stands you out of the crowd and equally makes her feel unique.

One of the out-of-the-ordinary, yet simple gifts you can get for any woman is a watch box specifically designed for women. First, many people don’t think about this type of gift, so you’ll be in a special category when she thinks of you.

Secondly, most people (men and women alike) give more thought to expensive or good-looking wristwatches than a watch box. Many people store their watches on their dresser top or inside their drawers.

Women are more likely to keep their watches inside a jewellery box along with their other pieces of jewellery and trinkets. The problem with storing watches with other items is that it can get scratched or defaced easily. But you can help them avoid this by gifting them a quality watch box.

Perhaps the best part about getting a good watch box for women is that you don’t have to break the bank to get one (although the fairer sex is worth more than that!)

A Few Leather Selections for Her

With a budget of less than £200, you are sure to find a watch box for women in our exquisite collection below. These watch boxes come in a variety of colours, including burgundy, cocoa, slate grey, sapphire, olive green, indigo blue, and red.

Richmond Leather Watch Roll

This specially handcrafted hexagonal watch box comes with a removable roll that holds up to four watches. It is designed with chrome-free leather, making it an excellent eco-friendly option. The interior is lined with soft kid suede to protect watches from hard surfaces and possible impacts.

Many women prefer branded gift items, which is why this box has a discreet “David Hampton” brand embossed on it. For extra security, the lid has hidden built-in magnetic snaps that keep the box tightly shut.

This is a perfect gift for your special woman. And as an added benefit, if she gets tired of using it as a watch-only box, she can easily remove the roll to create more room for her trinkets and jewellery.

Richmond Leather Two Watch Box

This durable two-watch box is designed with safety in mind. Women will love storing their valuable wristwatches in this chrome-free leather box with a completely lined interior.

This option is a great travel accessory, so consider gifting it to a woman who spends a considerable amount of time on the road.

And the best part? It is a multipurpose box! You have the option of ordering this box without the padding if you prefer to use it as a trinket box. And don’t forget to mention it to the receiver if you’re giving it out – let them know that they can take out the cushion and instantly, their watch box is transformed into a trinket box!

Richmond Leather Watch Box

This cute little box is great for holding a single watch. It comes fitted with a soft padded watch cushion to provide extra protection for the watch. This small watch box combines both practicality and elegance, such that any woman will easily fall in love with it.

It is tastefully lined with soft suede and comes equipped with a zip closure to secure the lid in place. There’s simply no chance of accidentally spilling the content of this box. Its small size makes it practical for travel.

Like the other boxes in our collection you can purchase, this one is also handcrafted using eco-friendly Richmond leather.

Things to Keep in Mind When Getting a Watch Box for Women

Women adore exquisite and beautiful gift items – it’s coded in their DNA (and it’s a huge reason men cherish them!) However, selecting the best gift items for women shouldn’t be based on appearance alone.

You don’t want to buy a gift that will not only create an instant but fleeting good impression. Instead, look for something that has a lasting positive impression.

Getting the right watch box can be a bit tricky because you need to strike a balance between an “attractive” and “high-quality” box. And as anyone will tell you, finding a gift item that fits this bill is not as easy as a walk in the park, especially if you’re buying the gift for a woman!

Fortunately, we are experts when it comes to finding the right type of watch box for women (even if we do say so ourselves). We’ve got you covered, so keep the following factors in mind when you shop for a watch box for women.

A Secure Lid

Regardless of how beautiful and elegant a watch box is, it is almost useless if its lid comes apart easily. Here’s why: it is cumbersome to constantly pay attention to the orientation of a watch box each time you need to carry it from one spot to another.

If the lid opens easily, you risk emptying the content unintentionally and potentially damaging or breaking your expensive watch.

The last thing you honestly don’t want any woman (or anyone for that matter) to think when she looks at your gift is, “I don’t know why he got me this cheap and stupid watch box!

If you give her a watch box with a loose lid, pretty soon, she’ll associate those negative qualities with your personality.

With a little bit of research, you can find a nice watch box for women with extra protective features to keep the lid tightly shut. Consider a box with magnetic catches to hold the lid in place or with zip closure for extra security.

A watch box should not only protect the content from external harsh elements and conditions. It should also keep the items securely in place, or else your watches are at risk of being damaged by the very thing that is designed to offer protection from damages.

Solid Extra Features

Some watch boxes have glass display windows to allow you to peek into the box. While this feature is great (and very catchy for women), it is not suitable for travelling. If the woman in question travels a lot, you may want to get her another type of watch box.

A pillow is also included in some watch boxes for women. The purpose is to securely hold the watch so that it doesn’t move around. The pillow needs to be tight-fitting to prevent the watch from coming off in transit.  

It is important to mention that not all pillows are made from soft materials, which is quite unfortunate. Of course, the pillows may appear soft, but some are just hard plastic moulds camouflaged in soft fabric. If a watch box comes with a pillow, make sure it is indeed a quality and tight-fitting pillow.

Some watch boxes have a roll in place of a pillow. A watch box roll serves the same purpose as a pillow – a soft place to “hang” your watch inside the box. A good roll should not detach from the box on its own, even if it is designed to be removable.

Without pillows or rolls, your gift loses its presentation effect, especially if you want to include a nice wristwatch in the gift box. But whether you add a watch inside or not, it is unattractive to find watches all jumbled up inside the box when it is opened. And if the watches are not set, they could easily fall off if the watch case is not opened correctly.

Overall, you don’t want your watch to keep moving around in a watch box, so avoid such boxes, whether you are buying it for yourself or a sweet damsel.

Soft Interior

Okay, this right here should, in fact, be the very first consideration. There’s just no need to invest in a box with hard inners. It is simply counterproductive because a hard interior will scratch and damage your watch – exactly what it is supposed to protect against! The slightest fall is likely to impact the box and the content.

Always buy watch boxes with a fully lined interior. There are several good quality soft materials for lining a watch box, with suede being a generally excellent option.


Be wary of watch boxes with screws as they tend to have functional defects. The clasp or some other part may come off at the most unexpected moment and cause some damage or inconvenience. You may end up resorting to glueing the parts in place. That’s not the type of gift you want to give a woman, right?

However, that’s not to say all watch boxes with screws are defective. There are, indeed, many excellent options out there. But to avoid potential embarrassment, consider options such as a leather watch box for women with heavy stitching that accentuate the lush leather.