Leather Watch Boxes For Men

September 1, 2021 102 view(s)
Leather Watch Boxes For Men

In the past few years, watch collecting has become a fairly wide-spread hobby. There are tons of websites, videos, and articles on collecting, storing, and taking care of your watch. In a time where most people look at a Fitbit or their smartphone when someone looks at the time via a good watch, it takes notice. It’s a status symbol of sorts. It’s a sign of success.

 For many watch collectors or horologists, as they are known, one watch is not enough. Much like any other type of jewellery, they’ll have different watches with different looks for different occasions, or perhaps they are a serious collector that buys rare watches and takes out that Rolex for special occasions but has a regular watch for everyday wear.

 The problem with being a watch collector is that you can only really wear one watch at a time. You can’t wear two watches on your wrist, let along four or five. That means the rest of the collection is stuck at home and needs to be stored.

 For a higher-end watch, you don’t want to just leave it on the dresser or nightstand to be knocked off onto the floor or batted at by the cat. That’s a pretty quick way to get the face of the watch scratched up not only marring the beauty of the timepiece but possibly devaluing it as well. That’s where a leather watch box for men comes in handy. A leather watch box allows for storage as well as a handsome display for the timepieces.

 What You Want to Look for in a Watch Box?

The first thing you want to look for in a watch box is durability. Something that will keep your watches safe and secure. The second thing you want to take into account is the lining. Ideally, something cushioned and soft so the watch won’t get scratched or damaged.

 Look for something stylish. One of the great things about a watch box is that you can display the watches you currently aren’t wearing. A well-designed watch box can protect your watches from harm but also allow you to show them off at the same time.

 After those basics are considered, then you can go into more detail based on the person/collector you are buying them for. Do they have one special timepiece that they like to show off or do they have multiple watches? Does the person you are buying the watch box travel and are they likely to travel with one watch or a few different watches?

 To this end, we’ve collected a few different options from David Hampton that make a great gift for that watch collector in your life. David Hampton has been making quality men's leather goods since 1983. While their collection of leather watch boxes may not be huge, they make up for it in sheer quality and appearance.

 These are simple but extraordinarily handsome leather watch boxes for men. No glass display or watch winder, but leather crafted cases that are handsome, durable, easy to care for, and a great way to store a timepiece.

 Here is a brief sampling of the different kinds of leather watch boxes and storage box options that make great gifts for a man who just loves a good watch.

 Malvern Leather Coin Tray

If you’re looking to buy something a little more on the multi-functional side, a Malvern Leather Coin Tray might be fit the bill. Handmade of Malvern leather and lined with suede, these trays aren’t necessarily for a collector but more for the everyday watch.

 For the person who walks in the door and tosses their watch on the counter or a table with their keys. Instead of hitting a hard surface, potentially damaging the face and beauty of the watch, they can toss the watch into one of these trays, sparing the watch from scratches. The coin tray is perfect for front hallway tables, nightstands, and dressers.

 Malvern Valet Tray

Very similar to the Malvern Coin Tray, the valet tray is a bit larger and is intended for the man who empties their pockets. The kind of person who at the end of a long day, tosses the wallet, watch, and charge cables on to the dresser.

 But with the suede lining of the valet tray, watches are protected from scratches and damage from just being tossed on to a hard surface. The higher sides of the valet tray also prevent from things being thrown in and then just sliding off the dresser or desk. A great addition to a front hall or a dresser.

 Richmond Leather Watch Box

Available in several different colours, simple and dignified, this watch storage box is lined with suede and features a padded watch that can accommodate most watch band sizes. The Richmond Leather Watch Box is meant for only one timepiece only so it might not fit an entire collection inside, but it does well as a single piece showcase. With its zipped enclosure and soft interior, the Richmond Leather Watch Box makes for a great travel case for that special timepiece.

 Richmond Leather Two Watch Box

Similar in construction to the previous listing, the Richmond Leather Two Watch Box features the same soft suede interior as well as a cushion that well easily fits two decent sized watches. Available in several colours, this is a great box to hold your watches at home but also great for business travel where you might be wearing one workhorse watch during the day but want to bring another watch that’s a little special to show off in the evenings.

 Richmond Leather Watch Roll

For that collector who is starting out or the collector who likes to carry three to four watch choices on them, the Richmond Leather Watch Roll is multifunctional and looks brilliant. This box is lined in suede to help keep the watch safe and prevent scratches.

 It also features a removable roll that can easily fit three or four watches depending on the sizes of the timepieces. Its sturdy construction makes it ideal for travel, but due to its looks, it also makes a great way to display the timepieces at home.

 Richmond Leather Travel Jewellery Case

Perfect for travel and keeping all of your jewellery in one place, the Richmond Leather Travel Jewellery Case features three boxes, including one round trinket box, one larger trinket box, and a watch box. All of the boxes and the larger case that contains them are lined with suede and fit snuggling together, so the smaller boxes are jostling about during transit. It also protects everything from possible leaks from a toiletry bag.

 The set is available in different colours (including the inner boxes) and is a great gift for someone who wants to bring their watch on vacation but may also have some other jewellery to bring along or for someone who isn’t travelling alone and may have to share the jewellery/watch space.

 Looking After Your Watch Box

It may seem kind of silly to look after the thing that is supposed to help you look after your watches, but a little bit of care is required with a leather watch box. A leather watch box is great due to its easy care. It doesn’t take much work or up-keep, just a little bit of soap and water.

 A cloth with soap and water will help clean the dust from the outer watch case and keep the leather supple and soft. You will also want to take the watches out every once and a while and clean out the case.

 Over time, debris can build up (skin, dirt, etc.), and it should be cleaned out to avoid and the potential damage it may do to the case or the watches. Using a small suede brush or a paper towel dampened with vinegar can help clean out any much that might be a potential threat to the case or the watch.

 Remember, the watch case is meant to help display the watches as opposed to just containing them. With just a little bit of cleaning, the case will look great, which helps the watches look great, and it also helps to avoid damage.

 A Watch Box is a Great Gift for a Watch Man

Giving the gift a watch box is a great idea. Not only do they look good, but they serve a practical function of keeping the watch safe from harm. You are giving the watch lover in your life a gift that will serve them well.

 It will be something they can carry with them on business trips and accent the great watches that they may want to show off. It will allow them to travel with these valued timepieces and not be worried about how they are stored or if they are going to get damaged. In short, if you know someone who takes joy in their watches, a leather watch box for men is a great gift.