The Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right Women’s Leather Wallet for You

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The Perfect Guide to Choosing the Right Women’s Leather Wallet for You

Let’s face it. Deciding on the right wallet for you is no mean feat, more so, with the barrage of options that have littered the market. Are you on the quest for something slim and stylish, designed from authentic leather that’ll make a real statement each time you whip it out?

Are you a ‘Wonder Woman’ who gravitates towards all things outdoors and sporty? Perhaps you’re an avid traveler who needs something to hold all your travel documents safely or prefer a minimal carry such as a cardholder wallet. You could be shopping around for a gift for one of the lovely ladies in your life or simply toying with the idea of downsizing your purse.

The reasons are endless. To aid in the pursuit, this guide walks you through everything you need to know about leather wallets for women, to select the ideal gift or choice. Read on!

Types of Leather Wallets for Women

A wallet is one of the few accessories that you carry daily. It quite literally holds your identity and speaks volumes about the kind of person you are; prepared, organised, or messy.  So, here’s a breakdown of the types of wallets to consider before making the most crucial decision of your life; well, today at least.

1. Bi-fold

It’s aesthetically-pleasing without compromising on functionality as it keeps your essentials neatly stored in a compact package. Purses have one long slot that comes in handy to store your currency. And, an array of extra slots that can hold other necessities like your ID card, driver’s license, receipts, and debit/credit cards.  While these leather wallets for women fall in the thick end of the spectrum if you have a multitude of items to store, they can effortlessly fit in your purse.

2. Card Holder

When you want to let your hair down, perhaps at a summer festival or sporting event, a cardholder would be perfect for bringing along for the ride. It elegantly holds a plethora of cards and receipts you receive. As a versatile leather accessory, this mini wallet is your holy grail when you only need a few cards and some pocket change, particularly on a night out or when you’re on vacation. While it’s typically the go-to for men, a multitude of women finds leather cardholders convenient because they’re less bulky than the bi-fold counterparts.

3. Money Clip

Typically, women’s wallets are notorious for their inability to fit into pockets. Luckily, the solution to this problem is a money clip wallet. Designed to be pleasantly slim, this handy product holds a wad of banknotes right in the middle. For added convenience, it has credit/debit card pockets on the left and right sides. The reliability and size that money clips usher in make them a popular option for women because they can easily fit in pockets. This eliminates the need to carry around a heavy bag.

4.  Clutch

Notably smaller than your average bag and convenient to carry around, a clutch wallet is the ideal everyday companion to keep all your essentials neatly organised in one place. These include banknotes, cards, a slim phone, a set of keys, and even a passport, making it the go-to day to evening wallet.

Wearing a classy outfit then destroying its beauty by carrying a bulky bag is a fashion faux pas. Contrarily, there’s a certain je ne sais quoi that a lady with particularly a leather clutch wallet in her hand oozes.

Clutch wallets can pair wonderfully with a dress without the need to invest in other accessories. So, rock them with a pair of chic heels, and you’re good to go. Some soirees demand a level of polish and decadence. Therefore, whether it is evening drinks, a glamorous debut, dinner with friends or family, a leather clutch wallet will elevate your outfit and make you stand out.

5. Continental

With a highly distinctive and dreamlike appearance, it’s a long wallet that offers optimum space to securely store all your essentials. Armed with different slots, a continental wallet can hold cards, banknotes, chequebooks, a passport, and more, thus providing unmatched versatility.  So, you don’t have to rummage around in your handbag looking for them.

6. Zippered

It’s large enough to accommodate all your daily essentials while safeguarding them even from your clumsiness, with a quality zip. This makes it the ideal option for anyone on the quest for everyday practicality and elegance rolled into one. Available in a multitude of colours that can brighten your day zippered wallets encompass spacious compartments for banknotes, card slots, and more, not forgetting a coin pocket. This keeps all the contents neatly arranged and accessible in a heartbeat.

7. Travel

If you’re looking for an elegant accessory for all your travels, then your search ends with a travel wallet. Providing excellent versatility, this handy item is the go-to for storing your tickets, money, passport, and other essentials, safely in one place. No more combing through your purse, wasting time looking for your essentials, one after another. Moreover, investing in a travel wallet designed from high-quality leather gives it a timeless look while enhancing durability and preventing dirt from penetrating.

8. Wristlet

It’s a small leather wallet for women, containing a loop that encircles your wrist and can comfortably fit in your pocket. However, it’s large enough to accommodate more essentials compared to your typical wallet. Designed with attention to detail and great care, wristlets come in a vast assortment of colours and styles, accustomed to an abundance of preferences and needs.

9. Tri-fold

As you may have guessed, this leather wallet constitutes three sections, with the two outer sides folding out horizontally, granting you easy access to the middle. What sets it apart from the bi-fold counterpart is that it provides additional storage space. You’ll find a long slot for storing banknotes coupled with multiple slots to store your cards and other necessities. Moreover, the middle fold of this type of wallet has a long vertical slot that sits right at the centre.

No one wants to have a Costanza wallet. You know the unpleasantly thick one that bulges out embarrassingly irrespective of where you place it and feels like you’re carrying around a brick. Luckily, a tri-fold wallet is a slim-fit because the storage area is divided across more space which makes it convenient to carry around in your purse or pocket. But remember, it can get bulky pretty quickly, so consider the contents it’s carrying.

Things You Should Know When Choosing Leather Wallets for Women

Selecting the ideal wallet goes beyond what tickles your fancy at that moment. So, here’s a breakdown of the essential aspects to factor in when sifting through the barrage of options.

1. Type of Leather

When shopping around, the first thing you need to consider is the type of leather material used, which falls into the following three categories.

  • Top Grain: It’s designed from sanding the top surface of leather fabric then layering it in resin. Doing so eradicates any imperfection, giving it an elegant polished look. But, its smoothness ushers in a plastic feel. While top grain is a cheaper option if you’re on a tight budget, it’s thinner with less durability compared to full-grain leather.

  • Full-Grain: It’s unrefined which means you can vividly see the creases and pores on the surface of the leather. It, therefore, comes as no surprise then, that wallets designed from full-grain leather are the most expensive type, but provide unmatched durability and classiness. Nonetheless, it demands more maintenance and care as it requires occasional polishing with a special condition cream.

  • Split Grain: It’s obtained from the underside of the hide after splitting it. A great example is suede leather. Split grain doesn’t have an eye-catching and defined pattern as seen in the full-grain counterpart and is not nearly as breathable and long-lasting. But, it’s unarguably the cheapest and comes in an abundance of colours which makes women favour it because it grants them free rein to splash up their look.

  • Bridle: It’s a sub-category of full-grain and defines that way in which leather is finished at the tannery. So, it’s the perfect ‘cocktail’ of the Grain and Flesh side of the leather that is stuffed with greases and has a wax finish. It undergoes extensive treating and tanning to incorporate weatherproofing and a vast assortment of colour options. While this elevates its durability and makes it flexible to handle, bridle leather comes at a steep price which is worth it because it ages like fine wine.

2. Construction

Leather wallets vary in construction that falls into two main categories.

  • Turned Edge: It entails turning the edge of a wallet before stitching it, which produces a remarkably thin outcome. If you’re on the quest for a product that’s easy on the eyes and is durable, then a turned edge construction would be an ideal choice. But, keep in mind, this top quality comes at a steep price.

    If you’re uncertain about the quality of a turned edge wallet is decent, keenly examine its corners for no cuts. A junky wallet is cut once or twice at the corners to fold the edges over which welcomes weak points that typically fray or pull away.

  • Cut Edge: Just as the name implies, this type of construction entails the simultaneous stitching and cutting of the wallet, thus leaving the raw edge exposed. At times, the edges are dressed with resin to enhance durability and deliver a more sophisticated look. And, the stitching can be more robust and aggressive compared to the turned edge counterparts.

3. Craftsmanship 

For starters, check that the stitching lines of a wallet are centrally positioned. Contrarily, mediocre craftsmanship is evident in crooked stitching lines. Any mention of polyester threading in a product’s description is a plus because it’s the same applied in crucial components such as parachutes and sailboat sails.

Additionally, keep your eyes peeled for a narrow turnover because it indicates a well-crafted leather wallet.  Confirm the absence of a lip when you run your fingertips on the edge. Lastly, inspect the corners of the prospective options. Look out for leather wallets with round stitched corners and steer clear from those with right-angled corners. Creasing from hot iron is a surefire sign of excellent craftsmanship.

You’re onto a great product if you spot embossed edging around the rims of cardholders and pockets. This added detail not only gives the wallet a more refined look but also makes it a breeze to insert and remove cards.

4. Colour

When a wallet plays the role of a fashion accessory, colour is equally as essential as the type of leather used. A myriad of fashion-forward finds conservative and dull-coloured products off-putting. They gravitate more towards chic, eye-catching, and vibrantly-coloured products that can spruce up any outfit and spark joy.

And, with colour contrasting being a key aspect in the fashion industry, you can pair a wine red wallet, for instance, with the blue summer dress that’s tucked away in your closet. But, if you prefer a wallet that gels with most of your wardrobe, then you can settle for the classic brown or black.

5. Purpose

Think about why you’re shopping for a new wallet. If you only need to carry a few banknotes and cards, then it’s pointless to purchase a continental wallet. Contrarily, if you carry an array of essentials, then a clutch wallet with more storage space could be a suitable option. If you’re looking to organise your quarters in change, then keep your eyes peeled for a product with a separate coin pocket.

Furthermore, think about the occasions to which you typically bring your wallet. For instance, if you’re a globetrotter, then a travel wallet is right up your alley. And, when you head down to your local pub, a cardholder is ideal.

6. Where You’ll Carry the Wallet

You have free rein to carry your wallet in your jacket’s breast pocket, handbag, back pocket, or purse. But, knowing where you intend to carry it will go a long way in narrowing down your search for the type of leather wallet you need.  For instance, if you intend to carry it in your handbag, you can select a continental wallet. However, if you’re on the quest for a product that can effortlessly fit in your pocket, then a slim-fit option like a tri-fold or bi-fold wallet is an option to consider.

How you intend to carry the wallet is a determining factor for the type of leather you require. So, if your wallet is typically in the mix of other essentials such as your house or car keys, then you should gravitate more towards sturdier options made from full-grain leather.

7. Budget

As you decide how much you’re willing to spend on a wallet, remember, quality comes at a price. So, if you want a product that’ll give you topnotch service for years down the road, then be prepared to shell out a few hundred bucks. Nevertheless, if you’re goal is to frequently switch up your wallet according to the occasion, then there’s no need to go for options that’ll cost you an arm and a leg.

8. Interior

A multitude of people is so focused on the exterior that they tend to overlook a wallet’s interior. So, for increased versatility and ease of packing your essentials, consider options that have more partitions and closures. After all, the last thing you need is to mix everything up in your wallet because you went for a cheap and simple option. To get value for your money, also ensure that the partitioning and closures are designed from durable materials and facilitate easy retrieval of the contents.

9. Return Policy

A clear and concise return policy grants customers a sense of security and peace of mind in knowing that the products they’re buying are exactly as they’re purported to be. This is more essential for e-commerce stores whereby you don’t get to physically see and feel a product before deciding whether or not to purchase it.

Wallet makers that don’t offer this guarantee could mean that they don’t trust their products, so neither should you! When shopping for a new wallet, only select a retailer that has an appealing and fair return policy.

10. Inspect the Hardware

Filter out wallets that are designed with hardware other than brass or stainless steel because leather doesn’t do well with rust. Carefully examine all emblems, clasps, buttons, zippers, and rivets for this because it’s a great marker for the overall quality of the product.

To Wrap It Up

Armed with more than enough information, you can now comfortably narrow down your search. And remember, it all boils down to quality. So, coming out of pocket for a topnotch quality leather wallet is not only a signature of your style and status but also a huge saving in the long run. It’s the ideal daily companion that’ll keep you organised for years.

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