The Best Men's Leather Wallet with a Coin Pocket.

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The Best Men's Leather Wallet with a Coin Pocket.

The Best Men's Leather Wallet with a Coin Pocket: Where Luxury Means Practicality

A wallet is a necessity and a daily accessory for nearly everyone. Men’s leather wallets come in every size, shape, and form, ranging from a modern-day money clip to the traditional bi-fold. While they come in handy for storing cards and other essentials, most of them miss out on one major thing: a coin pocket.

Wallets with coin pouches exclusively hold stray coins that otherwise get lost. Available in slim-fits, bi-folds, or long wallets, it, therefore, comes as no surprise then that they’re increasingly popular.

So, if you’re on a quest for the best men’s leather wallet with a coin pocket, then your search ends here. We’ll explore the David Hampton options that every stylish wallet lover who knows their refined Malvern grain leather from their bridle hide, will love.

1. Malvern Leather Wallet

Armed with a coin pocket, this wallet is an invigorating take on a luxurious classic. Handcrafted from lightly grained Malvern leather, this product features two extra pockets for receipts, four credit/debit card compartments, two currency slots, and a handy gusseted coin pouch with a snap closure. Measuring 4" x 3¾" this stunning and practical wallet is yours for the taking at an affordable $110.

Available in two colours, classic black, and espresso, the Malvern leather wallet can be paired with just about any outfit and still give you the elegant look you desire. The tenuous David Hampton logo and alluring watermarked Champagne moiré lining make this product ideal for any man who favours a pared-down, subtle style.

2. Livingstone Leather Men's Wallet

We deliver elegant products at non-elegant prices, all of which are crafted using 100% real leather. And the Livingstone men’s wallet is no exception. With a coin pouch and an embossed Livingstone watermark, it’s a functional update to a classic billfold. 

Crafted using premium leather, this product comfortably accommodates four credit/debit cards, a snap button closure coin pocket, an interior currency section, and additional compartments for receipts and other cards.

Measuring 4¼" x 4" makes carrying your essentials a stylish affair with this men’s wallet that’s valued at $190. Your future self will thank you as you enjoy the great service it provides. Available in brown, you can keep it simple without scrimping on style.

3. Malvern Leather Men's Zipped Coin Wallet

If you have a profound appreciation for quality, then the Malvern Leather Men's Zipped Coin Wallet was designed with you in mind. Crafted in unique and refined Malvern hide, this simple and small coin purse designed for men and women is an ideal option to keep all your change securely in one place.

Designed from pure leather, this product features four credit card compartments, two currency slots, and a coin pocket with snap closure, all secured with a zip. Measuring 4¼" x 4" with the discreetly embossed David Hampton logo on the inside, this wallet comes in an elegant black exterior and eases you into a vibrant orange interior. This ensures it doesn’t go unnoticed each time you whip it out. And, for $135 it can be all yours.

4. Richmond Leather Zipped Coin Wallet

While it’s available in subtle colours like Cocoa or Petrol, this wallet also comes in statement Red, Pink, or Blue for those who enjoy life on the bright side. It’s a chic piece in butter-soft, but ultra-durable Richmond chrome-free leather and is exquisitely lined in white and blue striped cotton.

Designed for those that prefer a product which falls on the smaller side of the spectrum, the Richmond Leather Zipped Coin Wallet is 4¼" x 4". With four credit card slots, a coin section, two currency pockets, and a subtly embossed David Hampton logo you’re in for a real treat at $175.

5. Green Luxury Leather Billfold Wallet

Get a slice of true elegance with our Green Luxury Leather Billfold Wallet that comes in a classic black and subtle green. As one of our billfold favourites, it has novel ways to keep your valuables. Thus, it caters to leather lovers that like it all, cards, coins, banknotes, and the works. As a classic with a modern twist, the Green Luxury Leather Billfold Wallet has two currency slots, six credit/debit card compartments, and two extra pockets for stray coins and receipts.

Edged in red grosgrain and the indistinctly engraved David Hampton logo it measures 4¼" x 3½" and will set you back $180. But it’s a worthy investment because this product will give you great service that’ll spark a smile for years down the road.

6. Richmond Leather Wallet with Zip Pocket

But why Richmond leather you might ask? Well, this richly-pigmented and pebble-textured durable material makes it ideal for everyday use. The fine grain black leather exterior gives way to a sophisticated striped blue and white cotton interior.

With a gusseted coin pocket, 14 credit/debit card slots, three sections that can comfortably accommodate receipts and banknotes, the Richmond Leather Wallet with Zip Pocket is a delight. It measures 4¼" x 7½" has a subtly etched David Hampton logo and costs $195.

7. Richmond Leather Multi-Currency Wallet

You might well be a gentleman that gravitates towards a slim-fit wallet for everyday use. But, what do you do with all the loose change that accumulates and jangles around in your pockets? Well, we have a perfect solution for that; the Richmond Leather Multi-Currency Wallet.

To keep things nice and tidy, it has four vibrantly-coloured zip pockets to hold coins and banknotes, and a spacious slot to safely store your passport and other essentials.

Measuring 8¼” x 4¾” the Richmond Leather Multi-Currency Wallet has a blue and white striped lining that oozes unmatched elegance. And, the burgundy, richly-textured exterior is sure to step up the style stakes by a few notches with its classic yet opulent vibe.

8. Oak Grain Leather Zip Wallet

Only a fool would ruin the lining of his well-tailored trousers, overcoat, or suit with a Costanza wallet. With the Oak Grain Leather Zip Wallet, you can show your sartorial elegance. It’s a statement piece that’ll take you from breakfast to a business lunch and onto evening drinks with family or friends, in confidence and style.

Measuring 8" x 4¼", it has an outside slot, three gusseted interior compartments, a zipped coin section, and two currency slots. These collectively keep your valuables safe while giving you an undisturbed and smooth look.

At a worthwhile investment of $140, this handy product that’s lined with a Champagne moiré watermark and a tenuous David Hampton logo can be all yours.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Men’s Leather Wallet with a Coin Pocket

When choosing a wallet, it’s a no-brainer that you need to know what you’re looking for. Otherwise, you’ll easily be swayed by any salesperson into purchasing a product you don’t need at an unnecessarily steep price. So, without further ado, let’s delve into a few tips to factor in the buying process that’ll steer you in the right direction.

1. Size

Having an oversized wallet will unarguably ruin your look. But how do you know the right-sized wallet to buy? Well, before choosing a new wallet, take out all the contents of your old one and place them on a table. Then, get rid of all the items you don’t need anymore such as old keys, business cards, expired gift cards, or old bills. And remember to frequently rid your new wallet of the things you don’t need to avoid it getting bulky and embarrassingly bulging out from your pocket.

2. Zipper or No Zipper Options

Wallets with zippers are ideal for men that carry wads of money, coins, and multiple credit/debit cards. The zipper will prevent any of these valuables from unknowingly slipping out and getting lost while you’re on the move. However, if you prefer to travel light, then you can choose a wallet with no zipper that’ll still get the job done by holding your essentials securely in place.

3. Material

It’s no secret that wallets of excellent quality are designed from leather. But there is an abundance of counterfeits, which to the unfamiliar eye, look like the real deal. A great way is to spot the difference is to examine the edges keenly.

A real men’s leather wallet with a coin pocket is quite literally rough around the edges, unlike a counterfeit that costs a fraction of the price. But, it’s more susceptible to wear and tear after a year or two of daily use.

So, consider shelling out a few hundred bucks on the real deal. It’ll not only symbolize your social status and fashion sense but also deliver excellent service for years to come. After all, a wallet is a long term investment.

4. Aesthetic

It goes beyond purchasing the first product that catches your eye. Think about your day-to-day and the occasions to which you’ll bring your wallet. Then, consider how your choice will gel with your image and style. For instance, if you don suits, you could settle for a wallet with a dark finish for a more sophisticated look.

Parting Shot

Now that you know where and how to find a men’s leather wallet with a coin pocket, remember to settle for an option that perfectly expresses your style. In turn, you’ll not only make a lasting impression everywhere you go but also ooze confidence like a true manly man.


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