Small Leather Goods

The type of luxury men's wallets that you will want to choose from will depend very much upon the purpose that you are looking to use your leather wallet for. If you're a distinguished businessman who likes to wear a suit then you will need a slim and elegant coat wallet so as not to spoil the cut of your jacket.

If you're looking for something really practical then our choice of trifold wallets offer you a wallet that will offer you more compartments to suitably store a wider range of items comfortably inside a single wallet. Alternatively, coin wallets are a great substitute to a more traditional design of luxury men’s wallets for anyone who requires a wallet that can efficiently accommodate a wider selection of coins. Whether you're looking for a slim coat wallet or something to store your cards or glasses in, our catalogue of luxury wallets for men offer a premium quality leather product for you.

Luxury Men's Wallets

Every man will likely be carrying around some form of a wallet when they go out. Unless you're either royalty or everyone's best friend that is! Or heaven forbid, you're one of those guys who "never has their wallet on them". For the rest of us though a wallet is an essential purchase and one that a lot of us enjoy splashing the cash on in order to have something a little more luxurious to impress our friends and loved ones with. Our luxury men's wallets come in a variety of designs to suit a broad array of purposes.

Different occasions and choices of clothing both call for a different choice of luxury men's wallets. For instance, a slim and elegant breast pocket wallet is great for any occasion such as work or a formal event where you're going to wear a suit. However, if you're dressing more casually then a billfold wallet is probably a more preferable port of call.

Finding The Right Luxury Leather Wallets

Even your health, believe it or not, can dictate the purchasing decision that you make when weighing up the options between our different types of luxury men's wallets. If you have a bad back for example then you will want to avoid carrying an overstuffed wallet in your back pocket. In which case you may want to consider splitting all of your wallet items such as cards, notes, coins and so on into two separate wallets. Go for a slim card holder and combine it with a petite coin wallet or money clip to help spread the weight.

Doing this will also help to protect the aesthetics of your wallet as you won't be cramming too much into one of your expensive wallets. This will also allow you to keep your luxury leather wallet looking in pristine condition for longer. Nobody wants to make their new leather wallet have the appearance of one years old within a few weeks of purchase because they're overstuffing it.

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  1. Green label leather travel card holder
    Green Label Leather Travel Card Holder
    As low as $110.00
  2. Green label leather credit card wallet
    Green Label Leather Credit Card Wallet
    As low as $200.00
  3. Green label leather slim card holder
    Green Label Leather Slim Card Holder
    As low as $100.00
  4. Leather zip coin wallet in black and orange Malvern
    Mens zip around coin wallet in Malvern leather
    OrangeBlack/OrangeBlack/RedIndigo BlueBlack/IndigoEspresso/OrangeEspresso/Willow
    As low as $135.00
  5. Leather coin wallet in Malvern
    Leather Wallet with Coin Pocket in Malvern
    As low as $110.00
  6. Green label leather billfold wallet
    Green Label Leather Billfold Wallet
    As low as $180.00
  7. Leather Billfold in Malvern
    Leather Billfold in Malvern
    As low as $100.00
  8. Richmond leather jotter
    Luxury Leather Jotter in Richmond
    GreenSlate GreyMidnightCocoaPetrolSapphireAztec Yellow
    As low as $75.00
  9. Leather jotter in Malvern
    Leather Jotter in Malvern
    As low as $65.00
  10. Leather breast wallet in Malvern
    Leather Breast Wallet in Malvern
    As low as $140.00

Enjoy Complimentary Standard UK Delivery On All Orders

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