Leather breast pocket wallets and coat wallets

Breast wallets differ slightly from your more traditional style of wallet as they are designed to be slightly taller and slimmer in order to seamlessly slide into a jacket pocket, hence why they are often also referred to as a jacket wallet.

Our collection of leather breast wallets effortlessly combine elegant timeless designs with industry leading craftsmanship to produce a premium quality leather jacket wallet. Hand crafted and beautifully lined with the finest top grain leathers, a mens breast wallet by David Hampton is designed to last for much longer than any standard leather breast wallet. Choose from a variety of colours to find the style that best compliments your jacket or coat in order to pull off a sophisticated and successful aura while out in public.

Find Your New Leather Breast Wallet

What's great about the way that we design any leather breast wallet in our collection of breast wallets is that they will look great in a variety of settings. If you are looking for a mens breast wallet to help you pull off the successful businessman look at work, our slick and dapper designs will work a treat for you when you're trying to impress your boss and colleagues while on a business lunch.

Alternatively, any leather breast wallet that you choose from our catalogue will work equally effectively in a more casual social setting. Impress your friends and family with your elegant jacket wallet when it's time to foot up the bill at the end of the night. Whatever the setting, a leather breast wallet is a stylish addition to any man's repertoire.

Breast Wallets by David Hampton

When you invest in a leather breast wallet by David Hampton, you're not just buying a mens breast wallet to help you to pull off a certain look. All of our breast wallets are also manufactured to the highest quality standards. We believe that premium prices should also deliver premium quality, an ethos that we apply to all of our luxury leather goods for men and women. That is why we use only the finest quality top grain leathers for our breast wallets. Hand crafted and beautifully lined inside to provide a robust and durable platform, our leather breast wallets are made to be long lasting to ensure that you will get your money's worth out your jacket wallet purchase.

Breast wallets go by a lot of different names. You may hear them also referred to as a coat wallet or a jacket wallet, or maybe even tall wallets and long wallets. These are all just different variations on what are all fundamentally a mens breast wallet. Regardless of what we call them, a mens breast wallet is a timeless choice of present for a special man in your life for a good reason. Go that extra mile and show your man how much you care about them with a leather breast wallet that will make them the envy of all of their friends, while also conveniently serving as a daily reminder of how special they are to you. All of our expensive wallets, including our breast wallets, come with free delivery and are presented in an elegant gift box to allow you to present a stylish gift in fitting style.

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