Leather travel accessories, travel bags and wash bags

Our collection of luxury travel goods are the perfect purchase for anyone who enjoys travelling in style and likes to have a consistent flash of style in everything that they own.

In this section we have put together a broad array of luxury travel goods that cover a wide mix of opportunities for us to show off our flair for style while away from home. Our leather travel bags include duffle bags, briefcase bags, laptop bags and wash bags. Match all of your leather travel bags across one of our leather ranges for a stylish show of consistency as you're walking through the airport with your various luggage bags. Our luxury travel goods will then serve as great finishing touches to your travel itinerary with items in premium quality leather such as passport holders, luggage tags, trinket trays and more to choose from, suitable for both men and women.

Leather Travel Bags

Travelling doesn't usually present the most opportune platform to showcase our sense of style to envious onlookers. For good reason, most of us will choose comfort over style when we're travelling. That doesn't mean though that we can't still look stylish and show off our flair for fashion while we're walking through the airport thanks to our luxury travel goods. Divert everyone's attention towards your leather travel bags instead and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our leather travel bags have been designed to fulfil a variety of purposes. If you're travelling for a business meeting then our briefcase bag or laptop bags are the perfect choice to comfortably and securely store your laptop and business documents inside. Or if you're looking for something to comfortably pack your clothes inside then either our holdall or duffle bag are a great option that are also very easy to carry with their detachable and adjustable webbing shoulder strap.

Furthermore, for those of you that like to match all of your luggage for seamless consistency, you can do so with all of the leather travel bags listed above in our Richmond leather range. Available in a variety of colours, you could buy your collection of leather travel bags either in the same colour for ultimate consistency or in various colours for a more contrasting style with your luggage.

Leather Travel Goods

Our catalogue of luxury travel goods also offer leather travel accessories that are a great way to add a touch of luxury to your travel adventures. Our travel wallets and passport holders for instance are the ideal way to keep yourself organised at the airport. Travelling can be a very stressful activity and our leather travel goods offer the chance to give you one less thing to stress over at the airport. Ideal for if you're running a little late for your flight and are frantically scurrying around your pockets and luggage trying to find where you stuffed all your important flight documents.

Some of our unique leather travel goods such as a travel photo frame or a trinket tray also make for a great gift for a loved one that is something a little different. Our luxury travel goods come delivered (with free delivery) in a stylish and elegant gift box, making for great birthday and Christmas presents.

  1. Oak Grain leather travel photo frame open
    Oak Grain Leather Travel 6" x 4" Photo Frame
    As low as $85.00
  2. Richmond leather double photo frame
  3. Richmond leather triple photo frame
  4. Malvern leather coin tray
    Malvern Leather Coin Tray
    As low as $110.00
  5. Malvern leather travel photo frame open
    Malvern Leather Travel 6" x 4" Photo Frame
    As low as $110.00