Luggage Tags

Leather luggage tags and luxury luggage tags

Nothing says travelling in style more so than leather luggage tags. Browse through our range of luxury leather tags and find a design that best matches your luggage bags.

With a wide mix of colours to choose from in our various designs, we're confident that we'll have a leather luggage tag to match your leather travel bag. As well as looking elegantly stylish on your suitcase, our leather luggage tags are also a great way to easily spot your luggage on the baggage carousel when you arrive at your destination. Thanks to our complimentary gift boxes that our leather tags will arrive in, our luxury luggage tags also make for a great present for a loved one.

The Benefits Of Leather Luggage Tags

While to some a luggage tag may seem like a needlessly excessive show of wealth, luxury luggage tags can actually serve many benefits while we're at the airport. Have you ever picked up a suitcase off of the baggage carousel thinking it was yours only to (hopefully before you leave) realise that it's actually someone else's suitcase that looks remarkably similar to yours? Leather luggage tags can be a great way to distinguish your suitcase and make it stand out from the crowd, a very useful attribute when hundreds of bags are travelling around on a carousel. Nobody enjoys spending more time than they need to at the carousel after a long flight so don't run the risk of missing your bags travelling right past you.

The world isn't a perfect place and unfortunately from time to time our travel bags don't quite manage to follow us from the airport to our destination. It sucks but it does happen. In the event that this does occur, it's a wise move to give your luggage the best possible chance of getting back to you as quickly as possible. Make full use of your leather luggage tags and add your contact details concealed under the flap which will keep them tidy and secure even through the turbulent travelling they will be embarking upon.

Luxury Luggage Tags

Along with their practical benefits, luxury luggage tags are undoubtedly a stylish mark of wealth and class. Leather luggage tags are a fantastic addition to your travel bags when you're travelling away on business with work colleagues. Impress your boss with your elegant flair for style and go the extra mile to look the part with your luxury luggage tags. Or if you are the boss, allow your luxury luggage tags to set the tone for your colleagues and emit an aura of success and wealth becoming of a successful business person like yourself. Available in a broad mix of colours, you'll have no trouble matching your leather luggage tags up with your travel bags in order to travel with effortless elegance.

Leather luggage tags aren't something that a lot of people think about when buying gifts for themselves, which is what makes them such a great present to give to a loved one. They're also suitable for any special occasion whether it be a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or just as a special treat before a loved one is about to go away on their travels. If your husband or wife are travelling away on business for an extended period of time, then a leather luggage tag can serve as a subtle reminder of yourself while they're patiently waiting at their airport for their flight. Whatever the occasion is, thanks to our chic gift boxes, you can deliver any of our leather travel goods, including your special gift of luxury luggage tags in style.

  1. Malvern leather luggage tag
    Malvern Leather Luggage Tag
    As low as $50.00
  2. Richmond luxury leather luggage tag
    Richmond Luxury Leather Luggage Tag
    RedSlate GreyMidnightCocoaSapphireAztec YellowJaipur Pink
    As low as $80.00
  3. Britannia leather luggage tag
    Britannia Leather Luggage Tag
    As low as $45.00