Men Wash Bags

A men's leather wash bag is an essential companion for any trip that we may find ourselves embarking on. Whether it be an overnight business trip, a weekend away or a longer family holiday, we always need our trusted leather wash bags alongside us.

Opting for leather wash bags, or their more accommodating alternative, the leather hanging wash bag, over men's wash bags in cheaper materials may cost a little more initially but will absolutely pay off in the long term. With our luxury prices also come luxury designs. Featuring an exterior wrapped in leather that will age beautifully and an interior with waterproof lining, your men's leather wash bag from David Hampton will be sure to have a longer than average life span, even by the standards of most leather wash bags. Choose from a range of designs, including a leather hanging wash bag, in a variety of colours to find yourself your new travelling companion with a men's leather wash bag.

Luxury Leather Wash Bags

Wash bags are an undervalued but essential accessory whenever we're travelling anywhere that involves an overnight stay. Simply chucking all of our toiletries into a carrier bag or lumping them into a backpack isn't really an option anymore, especially as men are now taking better care of themselves and taking more toiletry items away with them as part of their grooming kits. Now a men's leather wash bag has become a core component of packing for any trip away, no matter how short of a trip it may be.

A leather hanging wash bag can make for a great birthday or christmas present for a special man in your life. Surprise them with a new men's leather wash bag that will serve as a subtle reminder of how special they are to you whenever they have to travel away overnight on business. Present your men's leather wash bag in style with our elegant gift box that comes with our leather wash bags included in the cost. Free delivery is also standard across all of our men's leather wash bags

The Leather Hanging Wash Bag?

Our luxury leather wash bags are a key centrepiece of our leather travel goods and have been designed for the type of man who likes to feel good about themselves and showcase their wealth and success with an elegantly designed leather wash bag. Our collection of traditional wash bags and leather hanging wash bag showcase a wide array of styling options to cater to a broad mix of tastes. You may enjoy more of a vintage classic design of wash bag and elect to go with a bag featuring a top zip such as our Leather Toiletry Kit in Richmond. Or you might prefer a men's leather wash bag with a zip that opens around 3 sides to give you a broader view of what's inside, perfect for if you don't want to be rooting inside your wash bag for small items that have sharp edges that you don't want to prick yourself on.

Alternatively, our leather hanging wash bag may be more up your street if you're looking for a different type of access to your toiletries, or if you just prefer a more unique design of leather wash bag. The leather hanging wash bag comes with a hook for hanging onto a bathroom wall to offer easy access while you're grooming yourself over a sink, plus see through pockets so you can easily see what's where in your luxury leather wash bag.

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