Leather mens trifold wallets

Leather trifold wallets are a very popular option for the man who has a lot of cards, coins and receipts to carry around with them. Our leather trifolds offer men a wallet that maintains the nimble nature that we desire in wallets for them to easily fit inside a jacket or trouser pocket while also offering us a greater level of accommodation on the inside.

With an extra fold than the billfold wallet, trifold wallets offer a great alternative for the man who is struggling to fit everything that they need inside their current wallet. Offering 2 currency compartments, a choice of 9 or 12 card pockets and 2 more additional pockets on top, our leather trifold wallets are the go to choice for men who have more cards to carry around with them than they know what to do with.

Leather Trifolds

When looking at options for a more expansive wallet such as trifold wallets, the ability for the wallet to be highly robust and durable is an essential trait that is looked for when deciding on which trifold wallet to purchase. That is what makes our leather trifolds such a popular option when shopping for trifold wallets (on top of how fantastic they look of course!). Although our leather trifolds may cost a little more than cheaper trifold wallets that you may find elsewhere on the market, they allow you to make a much wiser investment that will pay far more dividends over the long term.

By choosing leather trifolds cut with the premium quality leather that we use with all of our luxury leather goods for both men and women, you are investing in a trifold wallet that will outperform other alternatives when it comes to longevity. Invest a little more at the start and reap the benefits years later when you're trifold wallet is still in great condition while others are feeling the need to look for replacement trifold wallets. Thanks to the distinctive cross-hatch design which is stamped on the leather as it is made in order to make the wallet strong, tough and reliable, you won’t need to worry about the leather becoming dull, scuffed or scratched as its textured finish keeps our trifold wallets looking their best year after year.

Luxury Trifold Wallets

As with all of our expensive wallets for men, our leather trifold wallets are designed for men who enjoy having an aura of style and flair while out in public. Available in a range of different leathers and colours to suit your individual tastes, all of our leather trifolds are effortlessly stylish thanks to our discreetly embossed David Hampton logo and coloured inside lining which make them suitable for either social or professional situations. All of our trifold wallets come with free delivery as is standard with all of our luxury leather goods. Our leather trifolds also make for a great gift idea that you can also present in style thanks to our elegant gift box in which we will deliver our trifold wallets.

  1. Green Label luxury leather trifold wallet open 2
    Green Label Luxury Leather Trifold Wallet
    As low as $230.00
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    Malvern Leather Trifold Wallet
    As low as $120.00