Craftsmanship is at the foundation of what we do at David Hampton. This involves using traditional hand craft whilst always being open to fresh ideas and technology.

We strive to make our products to the highest possible standards using the finest materials. This starts at the design stage when we consider how a product will be used as we aim to make each item both beautiful and practical. Thus, we add useful pockets and compartments to many designs.

For example, our core Richmond collection is crafted from Chrome Free leather which is both durable and soft. It is tanned using modern methods which avoid the use of Chromium and other heavy metals which may damage the environment. We then line each item in an elegant blue and white striped cotton and stitch using a heavier thread for longevity.

We use Raccagni high quality zips from Italy and our locks, hardware and fittings are hand made in Italy using eco brass which does not contain lead.

Our factory is SA 8000 certified as we aim to give our staff safe and comfortable working conditions,

We are delighted and honoured to enjoy the patronage of many satisfied customers in numerous countries around the world and are always pleased to receive feedback, especially if you feel that we have fallen short.