Your Style Guide to the Best Breast Pocket Wallets: Where Elegance Meets Affordability

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Your Style Guide to the Best Breast Pocket Wallets: Where Elegance Meets Affordability

As we inch towards a futuristic cashless society where you can make payments with just a few taps on your tablet or smartphone, a breast pocket wallet becomes all you need.

Also known as a long wallet, it adds a touch of style, compliments your outfit, and makes a lasting impression each time you whip it out.

A great option feels comfortable in your pocket, is just the right length, of top-notch quality, well-organized, and most importantly, doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, not exactly!

With the wealth of models that have littered the market, we’ve narrowed down your search by reviewing the best breast pocket wallets to buy that’ll take your style to a whole new level. Read on!

1. Green Label Leather Breast Wallet

Green label breat wallet.jpg

Ideal for men and women who are on the quest for something different, our Green Label Leather Breast Wallet was made with them in mind. It’s an elegant piece that boasts a uniformly and luxurious grained surface. Renowned for its strength and durability, this supple and soft breast pocket wallet features ten credit/debit card compartments and five pockets for receipts and currencies.

Moreover, it’s slim enough to sit subtly in your coat or jacket pocket, making it perfect for everyday use. Lined in red grosgrain that adds a touch of refinement to the Green Label Leather Breast Wallet, it measures 3¾" x 7" and costs £160.

2. Malvern Leather Breast Wallet

Malvern leather breast wallet.jpg

Popular for its timeless British luxury, the Malvern Leather Breast Wallet is a small classic piece specially crafted for those that want to keep things tidy. Priced at £100, this classic comprises eight credit/debit card sections and four spacious gusseted pockets to hold receipts and currencies, all without looking like a Costanza wallet.

It also has an embossed David Hampton signature and durable watermarked Champagne moiré lining. Available in Espresso, the dimensions of 3¾" x 7", give this piece a unique edge and contemporary style.

3. Saffiano Breast Wallet

Saffiano leather breast wallet.jpg

Its uncanny ability to provide plenty of storage space for your cards and other valuables without resulting in a bulky appearance makes the Saffiano Breast Wallet a great investment. When it comes to aesthetics, this product that measures 3¾" x 7" showcases a vintage, luxurious feel that appeals to anyone looking to add a touch of classism. Its slim and long design makes it fit like a glove in the breast pocket of your coat or jacket and ooze elegance each time it’s in your hand.

Highly functional, the Saffiano Breast Wallet has ten roomy credit/debit card compartments and five pockets for generous bill slots to hold receipts. Designed from richly-textured and durable Saffiano leather, this breast pocket wallet safeguards your possessions, becoming a life-long companion. Handcrafted by skilful artisans, this masterpiece that comes in a sleek black colour has neat, red grosgrain stitching and smooth corner junctions to ensure longevity. And, it’s subtly embossed with our David Hampton logo as a marker of excellent craftsmanship.

4. Richmond Leather Phone Wallet

Richmond leather phone wallet.jpg

A distressed finish that includes a striped blue and white lining interior, vintage details, and a bi-fold design define the quality of the Richmond Phone Wallet. Boasting a slim profile that fits seamlessly in breast pockets, bags, and briefcases, this leather piece will make heads turn each time it’s in your hand.

Crafted from authentic eco-friendly and chrome-free leather that’s finished to a wear-resistant design, this handy accessory can withstand the test of time. With a consistent sleek and soft feel, the Richmond Phone Wallet measures 3¾" x 6½" which makes it mesh well with sober outfits.

And, its generous capacity makes it the go-to, for daily use and avid travellers alike. So, you’ll find six credit card slots, one roomy gusseted pocket to hold your smartphone, and two extra pockets to accommodate receipts and currencies.

At £100, you can take your pick from the three colours (slate grey, midnight, and sapphire) available that are a classic inspiration while boasting a contemporary flair.

5. Richmond Leather Long Wallet

Richmond leather long wallet

Designed from topnotch quality materials and boasting a slim profile, stylish design, the Richmond Leather Long Wallet stands out from the rest. Built with traditionalists in mind, it doesn’t come in a vast assortment of colours which means you take your pick from slate grey and midnight.

The 14 credit/debit card slots, one gusseted zip coin section, and three pockets to carry currencies and receipts, add versatility. And, the choice of Richmond leather speaks volumes about quality and style. It’s an eco-friendly material that’s scratch-resistant, which elevates the wallet’s longevity.

The striped white and blue cotton interior infuses this handy accessory with a strong personality. The dimensions of 4¼" x 7½" make the Richmond Leather Long Wallet that costs £150 ideal to use in nearly all situations.

6. Camden Leather Slim Wallet

Camden leather evening wallet

Sleek details provide all you could expect from the Camden Leather Slim Wallet. With a flawless design that’s the perfect combination of a contemporary reinterpretation of lines and classic elements like the traditional brown Camden leather, this accessory lives up to its name. So, if you gravitate toward brown wallets, then the design of this masterpiece that measures 4¼" x 7" will spark a smile.  

The David Hampton logo embossed on the top left outer corner of the wallet makes this masterpiece alluring to care about brands. However, beyond this, the breast pocket wallet priced at £100 bursts quality.

Your valuables can find their space in the currency pocket that can also hold receipts, and six credit card pockets, all of which facilitate easy access.

7. Malvern Coat Wallet

Malvern leather coat wallet

If you’re wondering what else is on the market, the Malvern Coat Wallet that measures 3½" x 6 7/8" is a truly exceptional piece that brings the perks of a minimalist product into a larger accessory for everyday use. It’s designed from Malvern leather that’s strong and durable but soft and pleasant to touch and lined in watermarked Champagne moiré.

And, with excellent stitching, and available in a classic black or brown colour that draws attention when you whip it out of your pocket, the Malvern Coat Wallet is well worth the investment of £95.

Its functionality remains unmatched with eight credit/debit card slots, a ticket compartment, and four roomy sections that can comfortably hold an array of receipts and currencies. Combined with the slim design which will not spoil the line of your jacket, it’s this versatility that elevates the wallet’s value.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Breast Pocket Wallet

With the barrage of styles and models that have littered the market, selecting the ideal breast pocket wallet can have you engulfed in a wave of confusion. So, to help you make a worthy investment, we’ve rounded up a few essential tips.


To find the right wallet size, begin by establishing your needs which entails making an inventory of all the items you want to carry around daily. Then, revisit your list and rid your wallet of the items you don’t need to carry daily, like gift cards and a few credit/debit cards. This will help you remain with the most important items, and thus, you can find the right-sized wallet to accommodate them.


The aesthetics of the breast pocket wallet you settle for tell a lot about you. So, select one that personifies the inner you by considering its shape, size, artwork, and colour. For instance, if you’re on the conservative end of the spectrum, then you may want to choose a classic brown or black option. However, if you’re adventurous, then a vibrantly-coloured blue wallet may be more your style.


Breast pocket wallets vary a great deal in price, so put a cap on the maximum amount of cash you’re willing to spend. But remember, while you can find a wallet for a few pounds or dollars, you should expect to significantly more for an excellent quality product.

If you’re looking for a wallet that’ll stick by you for the next 3-5 years or even more, then you’ll need to fork out a few hundred. Topnotch products from reputable brands use premium quality materials such as Malvern, Saffiano, or Richmond leather that will unarguably give you years of service. And, as a bonus, they show off your social status and fashion sense.


When it comes to functionality, choose a breast pocket wallet that has an array of compartments. They’ll hold travel tickets, currencies, cards, and other essentials that you’d like to carry while you’re out and about. So, aim for a model that has at least four card pockets and a couple of other slots for smaller items like receipts and SIM cards.

The Bottom Line

While the conventional bi-fold wallets have been the go-to for a multitude of people, times have changed. Breast pocket or long wallets are becoming increasingly popular because of their uncanny ability to hold an abundance of valuables without looking and feeling bulky.

Fitting perfectly in your pocket without causing any wonky-looking outfits or awkward bulges makes them great travel companions. So, infuse a flair of luxury to your everyday life, with any of our stunning breast pocket wallets.

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